Guide to LG2011 series LeverGlide

We are delighted to announce the LG2011 series LeverGlide, which has a number of new features and an extended range of fitment.  We have been able to carry over some of these changes to the old LG300 series, of which we still have a few left in stock; see below for more information.
The "standard" version of LeverGlide.  The upper fitting is compatible with both nogged and shark toothed bar ends and channels.  The asymmetric keel fitting is compatible with fixed and hinged keel bracket fittings.  
Typical applications:  Janousek and Stampfli, Empacher, Filippi

NB. Janousek and Stampfli stretcher track fixing screws currently fitted need to be replaced with our LG M420 / 8G19 screws (available from our online shop).
Upper fitting as for LG2011-1. Keel fitting includes a longer T-bolt to suit tube-type keel brackets.  In some cases the keel cup washer may be omitted.  For Swift and WinTech boats, the existing t-bolts should be re-used.
Typical applications:  Swift, WinTech, Stampfli
Upper fitting as for LG2011-1.  Symmetric keel fitting compatible with nogged and shark toothed keel plates.
Typical applications:  Empacher, Filippi
 LeverGlide 300 series:
We have updated our original LG300 series to include the slider fittings, t-bolts and cup washers from the new LG2011 series.  Fitment is the same as the corresponding LG2011 version.

If you have a different setup to those listed above please contact us as we may be able to help!