An overview of the LeverGlide system




 The LeverGlide ™ system for rowing and sculling boats is designed to help with one of the oldest and most frustrating problems in rowing -adjusting the stretchers in the boat. Stiff or seized thumbscrews and stretchers that won't go where we want them to lead to lost time on the water, poorly adjusted athletes and increased equipment wear and tear.

 At QR Racing we have the answer to the problem. The patented LeverGlide  ™ system uses a slider spring to lift the stretcher clear of the notched channels so that it can move smoothly to the chosen position, where it is fastened in place with an over-centre cam lever which makes locking and unlocking the stretcher a single action operation.

LeverGlide ™ is ideal for whenever a boat is shared.  The system replaces all three existing thumbscrews and t-bolts and fits the most common stretcher types.  Check here to find out more.

For 2011 we have introduced the LG2011 series, which supercedes the 300 series system and offers additional features such as

•    Single action lock and release
•    Re-profiled lever with higher grade coating
•    Adjustment locking screw
•    Nylon cup washer for a smoother action and reduced wear
•    Bespoke slide T-bolt (also available separately)
•    Stainless Steel slider - close fitting to stretcher fittings
•    Fitment to all popular makes/fittings